Ever Ready All Dry 1, AD1

TypeVoltageCellsmAHuse mAW mmH mmD mmConn.Weight
AD11.58 x D50,000100-4006413364A0.77


BB389, 1432, H1155, K756, ALLDRY 1, Alldry No.1

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Type "A" connector (1.5V LT)

Older AD1
Old Style All Dry No.1 (eBay)
(From eBay)

Later AD1
Ever Ready AD1 (ebay)
(From eBay)


Socket on top.

The 8 “D” size (U2) cells are in parallel in two vertical stacks of four cells. Using 8 cells in parallel gives somewhat more capacity than 8x as the internal resistance of the pack is 1/8th, but capacity is based on 1V end point for 1.4V filament valves (tubes) and 250mA nominal drain.


Use 4 off Alkaline D Cells in parallel (check that same date code, unused and condition good) for about the same or slightly more capacity.

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