All Round CellsAll these are 1.5V, some now unavailable.
 Batteries 2014Batteries in Retail 2014 including types often now only online
Winner & PortableEver Ready Grid, HT and HT / Grid Combos
Medical BatteriesEarly  Ever Ready Medical & Hearing Aid (before Transistors)
Layer HT packsEver Ready Batrymax and combo HT / All Dry packs
All Dry LT packsUK Ever Ready LT packs from 1938/1939
Other Ever ReadyOther Ever Ready batteries 1.5 to 12V
Power  PacksPower Packs for Transistor Radio sets 6V to 9V
 Exide & Ever Ready Accumulators
 Exide Drydex HT Batteries
 Exide LT packs from 1938/1939
Eveready “B”, “C”US Eveready NCC  older  HT / Grid packs
Eveready “A”US Eveready NCC  “A” battery packs.
Eveready Mini-Max “B”US Eveready NCC  Layer HT (Minimax) and combo HT / All Dry packs
Eveready Mini-MaxUS Eveready NCC / UC Minimax packs for Transistor Radio.
Pertrix HTVarta / Pertrix older  HT “B” and “C” battery packs
 Varta Accumulators
 DEAC NiCd cells
SiemensUK Siemens older  HT “B” and “C” battery packs.txt
 Vidor HT and  HT/Grid  combo
 Vidor Layer HT  and combo  HT / All Dry packs
 Vidor LT packs from 1938/1939
 Vintage Burgess Hearing Aid
 Pile Wonder (French Batteries)
 Superpila (Italian)
 Mallory Mercury Cells and equivalents
Silver Oxide 2014Silver Oxide button cells and equivalents
Alkaline ButtonsAlkaline button cells and equivalents
Lithium Coins 2014Lithium Coin cells
Lithium PhotoLithium Photo packs
NiMH packs 2014Some Handy Talkie  (two way) Radio NiMH / NiCd packs

UK Ever Ready Prefixes & Names

  • U = Unit Cell
  • SP = added package, special? loolks like LP
  • LP = Leak Proof
  • HP = High Power, probably Zinc Chloride
  • AD = All Dry, a Tube/Valve radio LT or “A” cell or pack (1.5V or 7.5V). From 1938 /1939. Exception is AD2 (HT) and AD3 (HT & LT). Using F, E, B, D or B cells, in series or parallel.
  • B = “B” pack, a Tube/Valve radio HT pack (15V to 120V). May inlclude “A” Cells.
  • D = Hearing aid filament battery
  • Batrymax = Layer Type “biscuits” for cells.
  • PP = Power Pack for Transistor radio. Usually Layer Type “biscuits” for cells.
  • PJ: Only seen on 996 lantern packs.
  • Gold = Alkaline
  • Winner:  From 1920s. Any Radio battery. Usually made from “B” / U10 cells.
  • Portable: Similar to Winner HT packs. From 1930s to late 1950s.  Usually made from “B” / U10 cells.


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