Battery Tables

Cells and Batteries available today (ex Button /Coins) All basic 1.5V Round Cells Other Cells and Batteries 1.5V to 12V Ever Ready Winner and Portable HT Batteries (1920s to 1950s) Ever Ready All Dry LT (1.4V filament) and Medical / Hearing aid batteries (1938/1939 to 1970s) Ever Ready Layer HT packs (Batrymax, 1940s to 1960s) UK Ever Ready Power Packs for Transistor Radio sets. US Eveready NCC/UC older  HT “B” and “C” battery packs (Layerbilt and others without “biscuits). US Eveready NCC/UC Biscuit Layer HT Packs (Minimax) and combo HT / All Dry packs. US Eveready NCC/UC “A” battery packs. US Eveready NCC/UC Minimax packs for Transistor Radio. US Eveready Other Batteries Varta / Pertrix older  HT “B” and “C” battery packs UK Siemens older  HT “B” and “C” battery packs. Exide & Ever Ready Accumulators Varta Accumulators Varta Pertrix Vintage Batteries DEAC NiCd cells Button Cells Coin Cells